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Some of the Benefits eConfirm HC™ Offers to Facilities…


Scheduling Management

Save on staff time and expense by automating the scheduling process. eConfirm offers facilities the ability to design their own visitation schedules for automatic scheduling management. The facility simply uses the interface to set their schedule, including visit times and number of visitors permitted, and then residents and family members can schedule their visits online (saving on FTEs).

Automated Screening

Avoid having your staff waste time by running through a list of screening questions when visitors arrive. eConfirm permits visitors to complete a screening questionnaire on their own, using the platform on their device. And, if a visitor answers “yes” to any pre-screening issue that would prevent them from visiting (e.g., exposure to COVID-19), they are automatically prohibited from checking in for their visit.


The eConfirm platform keeps a record of visitors to the facility, including their contact information, dates of visitation, and check-in and check-out times. While facilities will have contact information for responsible parties, they do not generally get this information for all resident visitors. eConfirm requires visitors to register and provide an e-mail address and/or cell phone number to receive communications about the visit. This information can be highly valuable to enable contact tracing for COVID-19, if needed.

Automatic Notifications

eConfirm sends automatic reminders to visitors by text or e-mail when their visit is approaching. eConfirm will text or e-mail the visitor when they are permitted to check-in for their visit.

No Contact Check-Ins

Avoid having to disinfect shared screens by having visitors check-in and complete screening forms on their own devices. eConfirm can be used on any device, allowing visitors to avoid having to use facility tablets, if they wish.


In addition to tracking visitor information, the eConfirm platform makes the information easily searchable. Facilities can use their database to identify all visitors a resident has had over a period of time, the dates on which a particular visitor has seen a resident, etc. This type of information can be uniquely used for care planning and psychosocial purposes. For example, imagine being able to identify where a resident’s behavior issues happen to coincide with visits from a certain family member.

eConfirm for Employees & Vendors

Use eConfirm to track not just visitors, but employees, vendors, and volunteers as well

Employees will find using eConfirm as easy as 1, 2, 3. The employee will be able to check in and check out within minutes. eConfirm’s built in notifications will alert senior management real time of any issue regarding the employee screening or their temperature reading. The eConfirm platform is built with the ability to integrate daily with HR platforms to ensure all up-to-date staff members are included in the eConfirm database.

eConfirm HC™ is more than just a visitation tool!

Scheduling and screening are just one of the key benefits of using eConfirm.

eConfirm can also be used to communicate information and to obtain any type of acknowledgement that your facility needs from visitors, volunteers, vendors, or employees.

  • Want visitors to acknowledge a visitor liability waiver before entering the facility?
  • Need vendors to acknowledge your compliance reporting hotline number?
  • Have to cancel a scheduled visit at the last minute?
  • Need to track attendees at a continuing education session?

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